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Handwritten letter from Empress Teresa Cristina (1848)

Handwritten letter from Empress Teresa Cristina (1848)

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Pregnant with Dom Pedro II's fourth and last child, devout Empress Teresa Cristina thanks a Cardinal for his Christmas wishes.

Handwritten letter from Empress Teresa Cristina to Cardinal Oppissoni. One page. In Portuguese. 20.5cm x 15cm. Rio de Janeiro, February 19, 1848. Good condition. Single piece.

Most Illustrious Reverend Father in Christ Cardinal Oppizzoni, my
as a dear Brother. I, Dona Theresa Christina Maria, Empress of
Brazil, I send you many greetings with great satisfaction I received your letter,
finally, on the occasion of the Solemnity of the Most Holy Christmas, to witness
your interest in my prosperity. This way of feeling is more
a reason for me to show the esteem I have for you
merit. Most Illustrious Reverend Father Cardinal in Christ
Oppissoni, my dear Brother, Our Lord
your person in his holy guard. Writing in the Palace of Rio
de Janeiro on February 19, 1848.

Empress x.

The life of Teresa Cristina (1822 - 1889), wife of Dom Pedro II since 1843, when she arrived from Italy, was characterized by discretion. The Empress was not beautiful, but she had other qualities, such as joy and a wide culture, which won over the Emperor, both living together forty-six years. Religiosity was also part of his personality, being honored in the Vatican, as witnessed by this letter addressed to a cardinal, whom he thanked, on February 19, 1848, for the congratulations received at Christmas the previous year.

In 1847 Leopoldina was born and, writing this letter, Teresa Cristina was already pregnant with the couple's fourth and last child, Pedro Afonso.

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