Frequently Asked Questions from Buyers or Sellers

1. How is the authenticity of each document assessed?

The authenticity of the documents is essential for the pleasure and investment of the collector. In the case of Glórias, some precise criteria are evaluated, very carefully, to validate the authenticity of each item presented.

a safe provenance

All the people I buy parts from are well-known amateurs or professionals who have been recognized for a long time in the market, with impeccable reputations.

Heirs, friends or colleagues of important personalities eventually offer interesting documents. Before purchasing an item, I collect as much information as possible from the seller about the origin of the document and, in some cases, ask for a copy of the ID and a declaration of ownership.

In some cases, Glórias documents were requested directly from the author, the best guarantee of authenticity.

Dealers and the general public should be aware of the origin of the pieces they intend to acquire. Without proper care, stolen or stolen parts are inadvertently acquired. In order to contribute to the fight against this illegal market, in case of doubts or any suspicion, we consulted Iphan, the Brazilian Institute of Museums (Ibram) and their databases available on their websites – the Banco de Bens Procurados/BCP and the Cadastro de Missing Museum Goods/CBMD.

These precautions can prevent the involvement of the buyer or dealer in the crime of receiving Brazilian Cultural Heritage that was stolen, stolen or obtained through international traffic in works of art – conduct described in articles 155 of the Penal Code and 180 of Decree-Law No. 2,848, of 7 of December 1940 (deals with receiving stolen goods), and in Art. 62, of Law No. 9,605, of February 12, 1998 (deals with destruction and/or deterioration of cultural assets).

In addition, all dealers of works of art and antiques, including auctioneers, must be registered in the National Register of Dealers of Antiques and Works of Art (CNART). The Registry protects the dealer from being inadvertently involved in crimes of receiving stolen goods and money laundering through works of art. Glórias is correctly registered in CNART.

Accurate and consistent information

In fact, the probability of authenticity increases with the amount, precision and coherence of the information collected about the author or the recipient, the materials used (paper, ink, etc.), the coherence between the date and the theme treated, the calligraphy and signature, rhetorical style, etc. There are several technical elements that allow the specialist to evaluate and confirm, or not, the authenticity of a document.

In general, a complex document – ​​for example, a multi-page letter with old handwriting and some drawings – is more difficult to copy than a simple signature.

Comparisons with other authenticated documents

There are also professional databases, books, and other professionals or hobbyists who can help with assessments using reliable records.

2. What defines the value of an autograph document?

In the rare documents market, as in other markets, it is primarily the relationship between supply and demand that sets prices. The celebrity of the writer and/or recipient, the number of pieces available for purchase on the market, the theme and content of the document, the origin, the medium used, the handwriting and signature, the condition of the paper and ink , the history of the piece (former famous owners, participation in exhibitions or books, loan to museums), the dimensions, and even the fad, are some also very important criteria that we use to confirm the authenticity and define the value – and the potential for valuation – of a document.

3. What guarantees are offered?

the authenticity

All Glórias documents are certified 100% authentic: this is our main concern and the reason for accurate analysis. A signed certificate, with the complete characteristics of the document, engaging our responsibility, is delivered to each buyer.

Resell on the website

Because we believe in the quality of our collection, every Glórias customer can resell their document purchased from us here at any time, without cost or commission.

the guarantee

If any doubt arises questioning the authenticity of a document, we undertake to reimburse the buyer even before confirming the eventual problem. It is worth noting that Glórias was created in 2010 and 100% of customers are satisfied.

the conservation

It is the owner's responsibility to keep the documents in a protected place, with suitable light, humidity and temperature conditions. Documents must also be protected from theft, fire or water damage. Consult the complete guide on this subject to understand how to perfectly conserve your assets.

Sample Certificate of Authenticity and Warranty

certificate of authenticity and guarantee


4. Can I order a document that is not part of the collection?

Do you admire the painter Vincent Van Gogh, the Amazon rainforest or American scientists? If you are looking for a rare document about a specific personality or subject that is not yet part of our catalogue, we can try to find this document for you. We collaborate with dozens of amateur and professional collectors around the world.

5. Is it possible to see and manipulate the documents?

You still can't see the documents with your own eyes: in the future we would like to organize thematic exhibitions and after opening a gallery, or a museum. However, on demand, we send free high definition images, as well as all available information about the document, to help you in your search.

6. What is the shipping cost?

Currently, the shipping cost is complimentary: it includes packaging, insurance, taxes and fees charged by carriers.

7. What are the payment methods?

cash payments

  • The prices of the documents presented on the website are for cash payments.
  • Payments can be made by Mastercard or Visa card with Stripe, bank transfer or PIX, to Itau bank.
  • After receiving your proof of payment, we send your order.

    payments in installments

    • Payment installments by Pix, interest free.
    • The number of installments varies according to the purchase price.
    • At the end of payment of installments, the document is sent to the customer.

    8. What is the purchase procedure?

    1. Payment can be made directly on the website by Visa or Mastercard credit card by Stripe.

    Bank details follow if you choose this payment method. We await your proof of payment to or Whatsapp (icon in the lower right corner of the site).

    Mathias Johan Meyer
    Pix: 011.232.019-86 (CPF)
    Bank : Itau | Agency: 3832 | Account: 07060-5 (current account)

    2. After confirming payment, we will send you, within 48 hours, by email, in pdf format, the signed and stamped certificate of authenticity and guarantee. You validate all your information. The document will still appear on the site, but in the "not available" category. And in addition to the certificate, you will receive tips to keep your document well.

    3. After validating your information on the certificate, we prepare and ship your order. We communicate the tracking number to you so that we can track the delivery together. Delivery time is 10-15 working days. During this period you receive updates by email every Monday.

    9. What will I receive at home?

    For greater security, we use discreet and rigid envelopes, sent via registered mail. The document is well protected.

    10. Can I track my purchase?

    Yes. In the different stages of your purchase, from payment to delivery, you are informed; with the Correios tracking code, you can track the delivery on the indicated sites.

    11. What are the best conditions for keeping a document?

    Storage temperature and humidity , atmospheric pollution, incorrect handling or improper packaging can damage your collection. Some procedures can favor a longer useful life, and effectively contribute to the preventive conservation of the collection:

    1. Handle the works with both clean hands and using cotton gloves, always on a smooth surface.

    2. Do not overlap works in direct contact, if necessary, use neutral cardboard plates, which will make it difficult for the possible migration of chemical additives from one to the other.

    3. Avoid any surface or object that causes abrasion or marks on the work.

    4. Do not use adhesive tapes – due to their chemical composition – or metallic fasteners in the works.

    5. Pack the works in a vertical position, avoiding compression with the aid of bibliocanthus, in envelopes and/or boxes of neutral and chemically stable material; large-scale works must be placed horizontally, with a maximum of three volumes superimposed.

    6. Avoid the presence of any type of food in the place where the works are stored and handled.

    12. How can I authenticate a rare document from my collection?

    We work exclusively online and it is not possible to definitively authenticate documents without having them in hand. However, we accept giving an opinion on your documents, using high definition images, for a fixed cost per document: you then receive a digital document with our evaluation.

    13. I have some documents that seem valuable to me, how can I sell them?

    Your documents, when relevant, can be purchased by Glórias or simply presented to our public of researchers, students and curious people. We respect the will of each client and try to advise in a personalized way. If there is a negotiation and a transaction, both are completely transparent and discreet. Usually fast, these processes take longer when external expertise is needed (translator, historian, paleographer, etc.) or when the document is of interest to collectors or international institutions.

    14. I agreed to sell my document to Glórias, what is the next step?

    We negotiated the value of your document, you made your decision, now you need to send your bank details, your CPF and the document - well protected and safely - to one of our offices, in France or Brazil, for our team to check. On the same day of delivery, we validate the authenticity and condition of the document, and make the payment by bank transfer to your account. If the document is not validated, we will return the document free of charge within a period of 10 working days.

    How to securely send your document?

    how to send your document securely

    15. Do you evaluate and buy stamps, coins, books or antique objects?

    We are specialists in rare autograph documents, we do not work with stamps, coins, books or antique objects, except when the books have a valuable dedication or when the objects belonged to a great historical personality (memorabilia).

    To evaluate or sell old stamps or coins, we recommend going to Facebook and typing the related words in the search field: philately, philatelists, stamps, numismatics, numismatists, coins, etc. That way, you'll discover groups of people interested in old stamps or coins who will be able to evaluate - and perhaps buy - your collection.

    For old books without a dedication, we recommend looking for second-hand bookstores in your city or in the big cities closest to your home, or online second-hand bookstores, they are specialists.

    For antique objects, we recommend looking for antique dealers in your city or the capital closest to your home, they are specialists, or searching for similar objects on the Facebook marketplace.