A fotografia mais cara do mundo

The most expensive photograph in the world

A black and white photograph by Australian photographer Peter Lik was auctioned for a record price in December 2014.

phantom peter lik most expensive photograph in the world

True record or marketing success? Photographer Peter Lik caused an uproar on December 9, 2014, when he announced on his website that he had sold the most expensive photo in the world, in Las Vegas. Called "Phantom", the work sold for 6.5 million dollars (5.24 million euros) to an art collector who has remained anonymous.

The latter also acquired, on the same day, two more works by Peter Lik: "Illusion", for US$ 2.4 million and "Eternal Moods", for 1.1 million.

Born in Australia, Peter Lik is not unknown. The photographer has racked up awards over the last 20 years for his artistic landscape and nature photography, often stunning in color, his black and white images being extremely rare, which may explain a high price tag. For "Phantom", Peter Lik explains that he wanted to highlight the contrasts and reliefs of Antelope Canyon in Arizona, thus revealing a surprising ghostly silhouette.

The previous record was held by German artist Andreas Gursky.

His picture "Rhein II" fetched $4,338,500 (€3.14 million) in November 2011, at auction at Christie's in New York.

rhein II andreas gursky most expensive photograph in the world

Cindy Shermana, an American, is another photographer, whose works exceed one million dollars.

His picture "Untitled #96" sold in May 2011 for $2.88 million (2.09 million euros).

cindy sherman untitled number 96 most expensive photograph in the world

Source: journaldunet.com

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