Would you like an opinion on your document?

We evaluate the market value of your documents free of charge

  • The normal response time is up to 24 hours , including on weekends. We make a point of responding to all requests and answering all questions simply.

  • We work exclusively with paper documents , such as tickets, checks, letters, drawings, autographs, dedications, notebooks, manuscripts, drafts, business cards, photographs, among others.

  • We do not deal with books (used bookstores or bookstores), stamps (philatelists), coins (numismatists) or objects (antique dealers), except when the objects belonged to great historical figures.

  • We also do not evaluate autographed football shirts .

  • We evaluate the commercial value of your documents using specific criteria , such as supply, demand, content, conservation status, among others, which are elements with different degrees of objectivity based on our 15 years of experience in the market.

  • If there is mutual interest, we make a financial proposal for your document, generally offering a cash purchase. In some cases, we offer other options such as a consignment or advertisement to promote your document to our collecting community.

  • In all cases, our team guarantees complete discretion and confidentiality.

  • We do not have a commercial location, we work remotely and evaluate your documents based on your images. We need UNCROPPED and CLEAR images - ideally scanned - of your document to be able to do a good analysis. 

You have 2 options to get in touch, you can choose between

1. Chat via WhatsApp (only audios or messages), just click on the green "contact us" button that appears here at the bottom right of your screen.

two. Send an email to contato@glorias.com.br or via the contact form.