Who we are

How was Glórias born?

"When a child is born, if a mother could ask a fairy for the most useful gift for her child, that gift would have to be curiosity." said one day Eleanor Roosevelt, the wife of the 32nd American president.

It was this phrase that motivated me to look for exceptional documents, or to request personalized dedications, for my daughter Sofia. I consider Glórias, born in 2010 as Sofia, to be an original way of stimulating her curiosity in the arts, sciences or history, for example, in the future.

We can find many other opportunities to accompany our children on a journey of discovery! A cultural tour of the museum, visiting a monument or a park. In Brazil or abroad, these are experiences that will enrich your child's understanding of the world, allow them to use what they have already learned in the classroom and generate new questions. More importantly, by demonstrating your own curiosity to learn, his will be even greater.

What are my goals?

The first objective is to rescue and present, free of charge, to the curious public and researchers, the largest and best possible collection of rare documents. With accurate descriptions, anyone can visit the site and enrich their knowledge, viewing the digitized documents as if it were a gallery or a museum. We also make documents available for temporary exhibitions, museums, journalists, researchers or students.

The second objective is to offer a privileged space for holders of documents (inherited or lawfully acquired), collectors or institutions that want to evaluate, make available or acquire documents and, thus, contribute to the preservation of this cultural heritage. I make my contacts and experts available to facilitate and ensure these processes.

And in the future?

I hope, one day, to use Glórias as a pedagogical means of teaching History and the value of knowledge in schools.

Who works on the development of Glórias?

  • I, Mathias Meyer, am 48 years old, a French businessman. I have known Brazil for 25 years. I founded Glórias in 2010.

  • Laurent Maria Deschanel, a great friend and one of the best French experts in autograph documents, with whom I enrich my knowledge of this market daily.

  • Delphine Reymond, an extremely reliable and rigorous professional, responsible for taking care of our deliveries (purchases and sales).
  • Some collectors and clients, or historians, passionate about History and historical documents, who contribute accurate and complete descriptions for each piece presented.
  • My daughter Sofia, my main motivation for this project, also learns and helps with a lot of commitment and maturity.