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Glórias, especialista em documentos autógrafos raros

Online course: how to preserve rare documents?

Online course: how to preserve rare documents?

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In this course you will learn how to put into practice techniques that allow you to keep your documents in good condition, helping to preserve their historical and heritage value.

I found it very interesting to introduce people to the preservation of documents and books. It gave a general notion to help collectors to "treat" their collections and document repositories well. | Adair R., from São Paulo, collector (Kardec, Pelé, Senna, etc.).

What you will learn in this course

  • Identify the most frequent damages

  • Recognize the most common damage factors

  • Prevent damage and loss, step by step

  • Monitor and control environmental parameters

  • Define good practices for handling, cleaning, packaging, transportation, etc.

Some features of this course

  • 100% online format - you can take classes according to your availability and wherever you want;

  • Course composed of text and image content;

  • Access to the course is lifetime and the content is updated whenever necessary.

  • In this online course, the timetable is free: you can do it at your own pace and anywhere. The duration of the course varies, depending on each person’s pace. However, the estimated duration is around 7 hours.

  • The certificate of participation is issued upon request, after completing at least 75% of the course. This course does not grant credits, career points or any professional degree/qualification.

Meet the trainer

Diana Bencatel is a conservator and museologist. Over the last decade he has worked with various archives, libraries, museums and private collectors, in addition to providing consultancy and training in the area of ​​collection conservation. He believes that there are good practices that, regardless of the resources you have, can be implemented to preserve any object, any collection, better and longer term. Join her and discover what you can do to better conserve the heritage in your care.

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