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Glórias, especialista em documentos autógrafos raros

Certificates of authenticity

Certificates of authenticity

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    • The amount charged for authentications is fixed at R$490 per document or 10% of the document's market value for pieces valued above R$5,000. Payment must be made in advance on this page (card, Pix or bank transfer).

    • We do not have a commercial location, we work remotely and evaluate your documents based on your images sent to We need UNCROPPED and SHARP images - ideally scanned - of your document to be able to make a good analysis.
    • We analyze each document very carefully , using our experience, the database we have built over the years and, in some circumstances, we seek help from other experts. The certificate is an expert opinion, and the value of this certificate is based solely on the expert's experience and professionalism.

    • If the document is outside our area of ​​competence or assessed as dubious or inauthentic - i.e. a reproduction, a forgery or an autopen - we will not issue certificates. In this case, we will refund the amount charged (R$490 or more) , unless you request a certificate of non-authenticity for specific purposes, such as refunding a piece purchased outside of our website that turns out to be fake.

    • The deadline for delivering the certificate is up to one week , depending on the complexity of your document and our availability.

    • The certificate is delivered in PDF format via email , which you can print. We keep a copy.

    • An example of a certificate is in the 2nd image on this page.

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