Loucos por Trato Feito e Caçadores de Relíquias !

Deal Breakers and Relic Hunters!

I make a deal and relic hunters

Relic Hunters look for treasure on the roads

The reality show follows relic hunters, antique collectors, and collectors Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz as they travel around the United States and purchase various items, either for resale to clients, or occasionally for their own personal collections.

Danielle Colby directs Wolfe's Antique Archeology business office from its headquarters in Le Claire, Iowa. Most recently at a second location in Nashville, Tennessee, while Fritz sells his purchases from his store (and his own website). The two men hit the road after a call or some indication, stopping at places that might contain items worth buying. Sometimes they return more than once to the same place.

We are hunters. We travel the back roads of America looking to buy rusty gold. We're looking for amazing things buried in people's garages and sheds. What most people see as rubbish, we see as dollar signs. We'll buy anything we think we can make a buck from later. Each item we choose has a story of its own. And the people we meet? Well, they are a breed of their own!

Wolfe and Fritz explore homes, barns, sheds, outbuildings and other places where antiques and collectibles are stored. They encounter casual collectors, hoarders, and occasionally people who have inherited huge collections of what would apparently be considered junk. Wolfe has a particular interest in vintage motorcycles and bicycles, while Fritz has a fondness for vintage toys. They bought, for example, old advertisements and commercial signs, movie posters, a visibly rare 15-liter gas pump, and an Ape Piaggio that one of their friends told them was probably the only one of its kind in North America. . Anyway, true rarities.

The surprises of Trato Feito and the Harrison family

Trato Feito is an American reality show, filmed in Las Vegas, United States, which narrates the daily activities of the world famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, a 24-hour family business, opened in 1989 and operated by the patriarch Richard "Old Man " Harrison and his son Rick Harrison. The series, which has become one of the most followed on cable television, began in 2009. It depicts employees' interactions with customers as they bring in a variety of artifacts to sell or pawn, price discussions, and the historical background of each piece. Although jewelry is the most commonly pawned item at the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, most customers who appear in the episodes bring a variety of vintage or antique items to the shop, which has 12,000 items in its inventory.

Each episode consists of segments devoted to around five or six of these items, in which one of the crew members, usually Rick Harrison, his son Corey or Harrison's father Richard (known as the "old man"), explains the story behind the object. When the buyer is unable to appraise an object, they consult an experienced specialist who can appraise it to determine its value, authenticity and potential and, in the case of items in need of repair, the cost of restoring or preparing the item for sale. . The person evaluating the object talks about the potential value with the customer, including the expert opinion when it is given, often interspersed with an interview in which he explains the basis of his decision to the viewer. A price chart at the bottom of the screen constantly provides the dollar change in the item's price trade. Rick buys items that need restoration before determining the restoration costs, thus taking on a greater risk.

What makes the Deal Done and Relic Hunters programs so addictive?

I think the answer is summed up in the opening lines of the reality show: "You never know what's going to walk through that door." This refers to the items brought into the store, of course, but it could also refer to the family comedy type, as plot elements are woven through each episode. You never know what might happen, pathetic things or you might see an old favorite toy from your childhood or something. Whether in the United States, Europe or Brazil, there are still thousands of very valuable historical or rare objects and documents to be discovered, restored and acquired by private or public collections.

There is also history through objects. At Trato Feito, a number of local and national experts, in a variety of fields, regularly appear to evaluate items to be sold or pawned when the Harrison family has - despite their experience and culture - a few questions. Several personalities praised the series for its cast and the educational value of the items examined, calling it "addictive".

Finally, the negotiation between sellers and possible buyers, people from Trato Feito and Relic Hunters, is very interesting. Customers leave with cash in hand, without a lot of paperwork, so in their minds they are better off than when they walked in the front door. Selling on eBay, through auctions or another method can delay the sale indefinitely if there are no buyers. In addition, Ebay or other sites are practically automatic, it is difficult to negotiate and there are countless problems with payment or shipping of the product. Dealing directly with the buyer via email, phone or even live streamlines and secures the process, especially if you want reliability, professionalism and a good experience from a team of specialists.

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