Uma coleção de relógios antigos

A collection of old watches

collect collection watches

Collecting, an ancient and current activity

Collecting is the practice of storing, organizing and selecting objects from the most diverse origins for personal or social interests. History tells that this is an ancient cultural habit, there are records of royalty members of Mesopotamian civilizations who collected utensils for over 3000 years. But who are these collectors today, and what is the reason for their fascination with the activity?

Angelo Paulo Oliveira is one of those convinced collectors who made a profession out of his love of compiling. Born in Andrelândia, in the interior of Minas Gerais, Angelo says that the appreciation for antique objects runs in his family:

“My grandfather was a mechanic and always liked old parts, his tools were almost 100 years old at that time. He always told stories of buildings and objects, and I found it very interesting. I even joked, Grandpa is going to tell a story, it will start in 1933”.

Collection watches, a journey through time and history

These days, Angelo collects vintage watches from the 1950s and 1960s, and American military jackets from the same era. An environmental engineer, he chose to wear these items in his day-to-day life, as he believes this reduces the environmental burden of their consumption. However, far beyond the advantages for the environment, using these objects is a journey through time and history. Angelo explains, “I think the greatest function of a collectible is its power to bring memories into the present.”

One of the prides of his collection is a Rolex Bubbleback from 1953. “In addition to keeping its originality intact over more than 60 years, it has a dial exactly like the one Major Charles Wylie used in the conquest of Everest in 1953”, he says. Another iconic piece is a cotton gandola used by the South Korean armed forces in the so-called “Demilitarized Zone”. “You know that the soldier stayed there for several rounds, used it for some time and in a totally troubled situation. I think the story behind the piece is cool, that's why I like to wear it” , he reveals with emotion.

Collecting antique watches, a hobby that became a business

What was a passion became a source of income in the face of the economic crisis that hit Brazil in 2016, 15 years after Angelo started collecting. The engineer, who left Minas Gerais and moved to Santa Catarina, found rare pieces in the south brought by European immigrants who arrived in the region and, as a professional in the area, was able to contact sellers and buyers from other countries who, in addition to exchange, provided great knowledge.

Even so, collecting, for Angelo, will always be more than a business : "Mario Quintana, a poet from Rio Grande do Sul, wrote: Saudade is what makes things stop in Time. A boy buys an antique object today, because his father, his grandfather, his favorite hero from the series he watched used one just like it. That object is a time machine that transports him to past times.” to them, we have the opportunity to see our history preserved, and to know a little more about the paths that brought us to the present.

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