Carta do líder da Leroy Merlin Brasil (2013)

Letter from the leader of Leroy Merlin Brazil (2013)

Leroy Merlin's General Manager envisions the brand's future relationships with its customers.

Letter written by Alain Ryckeboer, General Director of Leroy Merlin Brasil, with the title "Customer History - An Omni Channel experience". Two pages. In Portuguese. 31.7 cm x 22.9 cm. São Paulo, 06/14/13. Excellent condition. Comes with a dedication to Sofia:

For Sofia, a brief history of the future written in 2013. You will be able to measure, when you grow up, if we were far from reality. Alain, DG LM Brasil. 06/14/2014.

Leroy Merlin is a French company, born in 1918, which arrived in Brazil in 1998. Today it is the largest construction retailer in the country and its market share has been growing systematically. Brought to Brazil the concept of "Bricolagem", that is, "do it yourself", a term used to designate everything that you can do without the help of a specialized professional. In July 2014, there are 7,000 employees and 31 stores , giving away 80,000 different items to build, renovate or decorate your home.

This document was written for a national convention called "Vision 2020", the result of a year of work at the headquarters and in each store, with the aim of defining the company's identity from 2020 onwards. company, tells a "prospective" story where Sofia (!) and Denis, a young Brazilian couple, plan to shop at Leroy Merlin for their home. The couple uses a smartphone to watch videos about products, compare prices, etc., before going to the stores, where thousands of products are on display, a well-trained service team and several innovations that will allow them to finalize their project. For reasons of confidentiality, we commit not to release details of this text before 2020.

Why is this document rare?

This very interesting document shows the foresight effort of the leader of one of the largest companies in Brazil, a process that started with the ideas of each employee and thousands of customer surveys.

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