Carta manuscrita de Henrique Rodovalho (2010)

Handwritten letter from Henrique Rodovalho (2010)

The director and founder of Quasar Cia, a talented choreographer, wrote this letter to my daughter Sofia.

Handwritten letter from Brazilian choreographer Henrique Rodovalho from Quasar Cia de Dança, to Sofia. In Portuguese. One page. 29.8 cm x 21 cm. September 2010.

Henrique Rodovalho (born in 1964), one of the most respected professionals in the field in Brazil, is the author of the 23 contemporary pieces presented by Companhia Quasar Cia de Dança. He is the winner of the Mambembe Prize - whose objective is to distinguish the best shows on the Rio-São Paulo axis - and of the Choreographic Composition Prize, in Mexico. With a background in Martial Arts and Physical Education, he worked as an actor and dancer, before becoming a choreographer.

Quasar Cia de Dança is one of the most renowned Brazilian contemporary dance companies. Founded in 1988 by Henrique Rodovalho, the company aroused interest abroad, in Europe and in the United States especially, even before becoming known in Brazil. Recognition in Brazil began with the irreverent show Registro (1997), during the Mambembe Prize, when the Ministry of Culture awarded Quasar five awards: best of the year in the categories of group, show, choreographer, revelation dancer and revelation dancer.

The show "To whom it might interest" was very rewarding for the beautiful choreography, obviously, but also for the sober elegance of the dancers, the minimalist colors and lights, the very Brazilian music and the modernity of the presentation, very interactive with the public.

Why is this document rare?

This document was personally sent by Henrique Rodovalho to Sofia in response to my email request.

Hello Patricia, Mathias and Sofia!

Here at Quasar, we were all moved by this email... All the members wish you a good time, Patrícia, and that Sofia arrives bathed in light and protection (because she already has good Well, send us your address, so that we can post this very special autograph via Post Office! Henrique Rodovalho asks me to say that he is very flattered and is very grateful for your kindness! Send photos of Sofia to us, see!!!

Warm hugs to you from the entire Quasar family!

Giselle Carvalho
Quasar Co. of dance

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