Dedicatória com desenhos de Joann Sfar (2010)

Dedication with drawings by Joann Sfar (2010)

Joann Sfar, the best new talent in the Belgian-French comic book tradition, designed for Sofia.

Dedication with four main drawings and an autograph, to Sofia, by the artist Joann Sfar. The document, completely original, is on the second page of the comic strip "Petit Vampire et la maison qui avait l´air normale." In French. 21.5 cm x 29 cm. Paris, 2010. Excellent condition.

Joann Sfar (born 1971) graduated from the Ecole Nationale Supérieur des Beaux-Arts in Paris. A screenwriter, writer and musician, he became known above all as a comic book artist and, lately, as an award-winning director of two films, one about the French music legend Serge Gainsbourg and an animation called "Le Chat Du Rabbin" .

Admired as a creator of short stories, Joann Sfar has a very unique style, improvising a lot without worrying about drawing "beautiful". Instinctively, he moves from one project to another without an agenda. He, too, is not afraid to give his opinion on various subjects: machismo and femininity, God, art, politics, history, philosophy, literature, cinema, music, etc.

Erudite, curious about all cultures and ideas, Joann Sfar produced in just ten years an abundant work (more than 150 creations) that managed to reach a wide audience, in addition to comic book fans. Much in demand for press and television interviews, he has also won numerous major awards.

Why is this document rare?

I met Joann Sfar through a documentary. Seduced by the simple personality and immense talent of this young French artist, I decided to get in touch with his press office in Paris, who very kindly agreed to send this comic strip "personalized" by the artist.

The Little Vampire is a children's book of German origin translated into Portuguese and well known in Brazil. Many children learned to read from these stories, including Sofia's mother, Patricia. So it was a beautiful coincidence that Joann Sfar decided to send Sofia her version - a comic strip - of this character!

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