Dedicatória de Joël De Rosnay (2012)

Dedication by Joël De Rosnay (2012)

Dedication by the famous French prospectivist, in his most important book.

Book "Joël de Rosnay, 2020, les Scénarios du futur" with dedication to Sofia França-Meyer. 315 pages. In French. 15 cm x 23 cm. France, 2007, signed 2012. Excellent condition.

To Sofia, long live Braziou! and very cordial tribute from the author
Joel De Rosnay

In the 2020s, my daughter Sofia will be a teenager and soon a young adult: what will her world be like?

Joel de Rosnay (born 1937) attempts to answer that question in this prospective book. For example, the 2020s will see the birth of new engineers and architects of the infinitely small, who will use nanobiological technology, informatics and environmental technology to create the products of tomorrow. Communication technologies will also experience explosive growth and the need to control hackers, viruses, manipulated information, etc. Ultimately, the extension of life expectancy, through a greater understanding of the mechanisms of aging, will create serious social and political tensions. Far from being pessimistic, this book tries to show both sides of technological evolutions, the new benefits and the new threats.

Why is this document rare?

Joël de Rosnay, Doctor of Science, is the President of Biotics International and Advisor to the President of the Museum of La Villette in Paris. Between 1975 and 1984, he was Director of Research Applications at the Pasteur Institute. Former researcher and professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the field of biology and computer science, he served as scientific consultant to the French Embassy in the United States and was Scientific Director of the European Society for Business Development (company "venture capital").

Defender of a harmonious relationship between man and nature, especially through sport, Joël de Rosnay was also part of the pioneers of surfing in France, on the Basque coast, from 1957 onwards. Surf, in 1964 and in Peru, in 1965. He even taught surfing to actress Catherine Deneuve, in Anglet...

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