Bilhetes manuscritos de Yves Montand e Line Renaud (1985)

Handwritten notes by Yves Montand and Line Renaud (1985)

Handwritten notes exchanged between three great French artists, singers and actors, friends and lovers.

Cards by Yves Montand and Line Renaud signed by the artists with text by Montand for "Simone". October 25, 1985. 12.8 cm x 8 cm. Excellent condition.

Paris, the 25th of October 1985. YVES MONTAND. Thank you dear Simone, with love, thank you. Yves.

2/12/85. Line Renaud, Chevalier de la Légion d'Honneur. My Simone, again, a thousand thanks. Kisses. Line. Phone: 500-53-53. 5 rue du Bois de Boulogne, 75116 Paris.

Singer and author of several hits, actor in many classics, Yves Montand (1921 - 1991) was a complete artist with a French and international career spanning over 50 years. Like Edith Piaf (who was his lover), Charles Aznavour or Alain Delon for example, he is a monument of French culture. He was also a great seducer, one of them being Marilyn Monroe.

Like Yves Montand, Line Renaud has been a complete artist, singer and actress for 40 years, a monument of French culture. In 1954, she sang for the first time at the famous Moulin Rouge in Paris and won several awards, making Edith Piaf jealous. With the support of Bob Hope, she travels to the United States to perform in prestigious hotels in New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas where she sings with Dean Martin and other great stars of the time.

Why is this set rare?

Montand and Renaud are two monuments of French culture, this small group is a reminder of their friendship.

This set was donated by the Glórias collection to the Cinémathèque Française, in Paris, in October 2014.

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