Autógrafo de Michel Tournier (1994)

Autograph by Michel Tournier (1994)

The author of "Friday or the Wild Life", the portrait of Robinson Crusoe, signs a cheerful autograph.

Autograph of the French writer Michel Tournier. 15 cm x 10 cm. Paris, 1994. Excellent condition.

I liked you. You have rewarded me a hundredfold. Thank you life! Michel Tournier.

Michel Tournier (1924 - 2016) is the author of a classic of French literature, "Vendredi ou la vie sauvage", translated in Brazil as "Friday or the limbos of the Pacific", which tells the story of Robinson Crusoe. On his way to Chile, a storm hurled his boat onto the reefs. Only survivor, Robinson finds himself on a deserted island, forced to have creativity and courage. The film "Cast Away", with Tom Hanks, was inspired by this classic work by Michel Tournier.

Why is this document rare?

Very original, this sentence by Michel Tournier becomes very interesting for a collector passionate about European literature.

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