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Handwritten letter from Joaquim Nabuco

Handwritten letter from Joaquim Nabuco

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In 1904, the abolitionist Joaquim Nabuco wrote an affectionate letter to his niece.

Handwritten letter from Joaquim Nabuco to Lucília Nabuco Gouvea. One page. In Portuguese. 14.5cm x 20.5cm. 25 February 1904, no location information. Excellent condition. Single piece.

You will see in time my dear
Lucília, extraordinary things, of
an endless consolation. I share from
beforehand of your admiration and your
joy, hoping you some
remember, like my children,
give thanks also for me
as if I were seeing them myself.

February 25, 1904, Joaquim Nabuco

Known for his fight against slavery, being the founder of the Brazilian Anti-Slavery Society, Joaquim Nabuco (1849 - 1910) strongly criticized the Catholic Church, which, in his view, would not have defended the emancipation of slaves in Brazil. In addition, he defended religious freedom, the separation of state and church. He was also a historian, jurist and journalist, in addition to being one of the founders of the Brazilian Academy of Letters. He assumed the position of ambassador of Brazil in the United States, between 1905 and 1910, shortly after this letter.

The addressee of this letter is Lucília Nabuco Gouvea, niece of Joaquim Nabuco. Nabuco seems to share Lucília's happiness for something good that is happening in her life. He says that better things are yet to come and for her to thank him, as well as his children, for these good times. Even when he is no longer present, that is, even after he dies, may they still be grateful for these moments. It is not possible to know if this is a prosperous moment in the social sphere, or something that occurs in her personal life, which includes her family.

Joaquim Nabuco is seen as one of the great names in the history of Brazil, he is considered a hero of the country and honored in various instances and monuments. Autograph documents from him appear very rarely on the market. 1904 was also an important year for Nabuco who, already renowned for his long political career as an abolitionist, began an admirable diplomatic career in the United States. Anyway, the content, very personal, is unusual.

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