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Two handwritten letters from Gaston d'Orléans, Count d'Eu (1906)

Two handwritten letters from Gaston d'Orléans, Count d'Eu (1906)

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At the beginning of the 20th century, the nostalgic Conde d´Eu defends the French monarchists.

Two handwritten letters by Gaston d'Orléans , Count d'Eu , to " Hismer " and " Baron ", two unnamed regional personalities. Total 6 pages. In French. 11cm x 17.6cm. Cauterets , July 30, 1900 and Boulogne-sur-Seine , January 15, 1906. Excellent condition. Unique pieces.


(...) I received with great pleasure your book of monarchist chants and also your interesting books on tamers, the transformations of things and vehicles over time and, finally, the two photographs, one of which shows me that the city of Nantes still has the privilege of seeing the solemnities of religion take place in the streets, and the other brings together the images of courageous royalists unjustly condemned in the city of Rennes .

(...) All these memories are precious and I thank you for them. You know that I follow your efforts and the efforts of your colleagues in the Young Monarchists of Nantes for the good cause.

(...) Thank you for your condolences after the loss of the last survivor of my dear and venerated uncles, the last of that brilliant generation who still had, during their youth, the happiness of serving France gloriously.

(...) The beautiful city of Nantes and that beautiful part of France which is the Lower Loire region, one of the most faithful to the duties to the motherland and to the traditions that made the glory of France in the past and guarantee the future.

Gastão de Orléans , Count d'Eu (1842 - 1922) is known for having been the husband of Princess Isabel from 1864, second daughter of Emperor Dom Pedro II and Empress Teresa Cristina. According to Alban Duparc , Director of the Château d'Eu which became the residence of the Brazilian Imperial Family in exile:

A member of the d'Orléans family, the Count d' Eu, decided to regain his status within it after his exile in 1889, which is why he was much sought after by supporters of the monarchist cause. Conde d'Eu , like his wife and stepfather, was interested in many areas and was devoted to religion, like all people in high society. He was also much in demand and his upbringing as a Prince made him respond personally, and respectfully, to everyone, even strangers.

Here we have two letters that allow us to better understand the man who renounced his rights to the line of succession to the French throne in 1864, to become Prince Imperial Consort of Brazil.

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