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Poem in French by Dom Pedro II (1890)

Poem in French by Dom Pedro II (1890)

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Exiled, in the last year of his life, Dom Pedro II pays homage to a French institution with a poem.

  • Handwritten poem by Dom Pedro II for the Stanislas Institute.
  • One page, in French.
  • 11.2 cm x 17.6 cm.
  • France, 1890.
  • Excellent condition.
  • Unique piece.

At college Stanislas,

Le grec et le latin nous font mieux connaitre
sans preque l´oublier ce que fait la nature
Beauté read two toujours notre littérature
et deux mères, beau monstre la faisant paraitre
The calculation of the integrity of the maitre
Que sin rendra doux ainsi que la peinture
Don't complete the effect in Sainte Ecriture
Feront toute ignorance certes disparaitre
And if he finally landed some hours
I need a remedy for a great stress
Je say que toujours au collège Stanislas
It's not even famous that even if it stopped
Of savoir meme peu étant toujours fort las

D Pedro d´Alcantara

That's all of you verses composer
Dans une langue étrangère
It's not an outrecuidant country
S'il croit if you take off your affairs

Dom Pedro II appreciated France and, particularly, Cannes, a city in the south of the country where he usually went to take long walks, study and rest. The city is currently known for its international film festival. Furthermore, it houses a school that would become renowned, the Stanislas Institute, a place where members of the Brazilian royal family used to study and in which D. Pedro II pays homage with his poem.

With the Republic proclaimed on November 15, 1889, Dom Pedro II left Brazil with the imperial family. Therefore, the Emperor's documents from this last trip, a year before his death in Paris, are quite unusual. The production of poems by Dom Pedro II seems to have been a rare exercise and symbolizes his love for the arts, sciences, in short, knowledge.

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