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Autograph by Albert Uderzo (1959)

Autograph by Albert Uderzo (1959)

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Drawing autographed by Albert Uderzo who created, in partnership with René Goscinny, the character Astérix in 1959.

  • Official reproduction by the publisher of a drawing by Albert Uderzo (born 1927), representing Astérix, Idéfix and Obelix carrying a menhir, with a large original signature by Uderzo, in pencil, with an original calligraphy in the center of the drawing.
  • 21 cm x 29.7 cm.
  • Unique piece.

  • Business card of the book publisher Albert René, owned by artists Uderzo and Goscinny, which produces and distributes the comic book "Asterix and Obélix".
  • In the upper left corner, there is an "engraving" of Asterix's head.
  • On the card itself there is a handwritten note that can be translated as "From Astérix to you" , but it is not known whether it is from Uderzo himself or an assistant.
  • 12.8cm x 8cm.
  • Unique piece.

"Asterix and Obélix" is a classic of French and European comic book culture. The adventures of the two friends have accompanied, for 50 years, like Tintin, the childhood of millions of people around the world. Asterix's stories have been translated into at least 83 languages ​​and 29 dialects, including European/Brazilian Portuguese and Mirandese, and are very popular in Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South America, Africa and Asia. The first album "Astérix o Gaulês", was released in 1961 and, from that date on, began to be released annually. To date, 33 albums and 11 film adaptations (8 animation and 3 real images), games, toys and a theme park have been released.

The humor in this comic is typically French, with puns, caricatures and stereotypes about each country, region and culture. In the most recent books, parodies increase, with, for example, the spy Zerozerosix, based on James Bond 007.

Asterix and Obelix are part of the legendary characters in comics, and Uderzo is one of the pioneers of the discipline. This international recognition has increased the worldwide demand for collection documents, especially in recent years. This set of Uderzo, business card and autograph, is particularly interesting.

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