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Autograph by Alberto Santos Dumont (1916)

Autograph by Alberto Santos Dumont (1916)

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In 1916, Santos Dumont signed an autograph on top of the Eiffel Tower, when he won the Deutsch Prize.

  • Autograph by Alberto Santos Dumont for an admirer.
  • A page from Flying Magazine, in English.
  • 20 cm x 28 cm. 1
  • 916, England.
  • Excellent condition.
  • Unique piece.

The Deutsch award was an important milestone in the life of Alberto Santos Dumont, perhaps the most significant. The prize was offered by French businessman Henri Deutsch de la Meurthe in 1900, as a reward for the first successful flight of a Saint-Cloud, Eiffel Tower, Saint-Cloud airship in thirty minutes.

On October 19, 1901, Santos Dumont flew his airship No. 6 and fulfilled the requirements of the challenge, despite a great deal of confusion upon arrival in Saint-Cloud. The prize consisted of 100,000 francs that the Brazilian decided to donate to the poor of Paris: we have an incredible and unprecedented document proving this unknown fact, which one day we will present to you...

This achievement marked a fundamental advance in aviation history, demonstrating the practical potential of lighter-than-air aircraft. It also catapulted Santos Dumont to international fame and solidified his reputation as one of the pioneers of aviation. Those were his golden years.

Flying Magazine was an English aviation magazine, in fact it was in England that we found this beautiful autograph. The perfect signature, on such an iconic photograph of Santos Dumont going around the Eiffel Tower, and the perfect condition of the set make this piece something very special.

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