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Autographed photograph by Cesar Cielo (2009)

Autographed photograph by Cesar Cielo (2009)

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In 2009, at the height of his athletic career, Cesar Cielo signs an autograph for a fan.

  • Photograph by Cesar Cielo, with the champion's autograph.
  • ~ 25 cm x 20 cm.
  • Hotel Concorde Lafayette in Paris, June 2010.
  • Perfect condition.
  • Unique piece.

Known as the country of football, Brazil is still in its infancy when it comes to other sports. However, where there is a lack of encouragement from the public sector, there is resilience and perseverance from athletes who lead Brazilian sport to triumph. Among the heroes of national sport, an unforgettable name is that of César Cielo, the only swimmer born in the country to win a gold medal at the Olympics, and the Brazilian athlete with the most medals in World Championships of any sport. Cielo's power that led him to all these glories shines through in his autographed photos, records of the athlete's triumph. This moment, however, was a path built hard since his childhood.

César Augusto Cielo Filho was born in 1987, in the small São Paulo city of Santa Bárbara D'oeste, and as a child he began training at Esporte Clube Barbarense. The promising young man moved to São Paulo in 2003, with the intention of training at the well-known Esporte Clube Pinheiros, together with his swimming idol, Gustavo Borges. This experience shaped the course of his destiny, the pools were truly his home.

So, when the time came to attend college, Cielo moved to the United States, due to a scholarship at Auburn University, under the commitment to represent the university on its swimming team. The training during this period was intense, and Cielo was prohibited from even having boyfriends or going out at night. But it was also there that Cielo met Brett Hawke, the coach who ended up preparing him for the Beijing Olympics.

The 2008 Olympic Games, in the Chinese capital, represented the ecstasy of power and determination that marked Cielo's career. The Brazilian swimmer started with the bronze medal in the 100 meter freestyle, breaking the South American record. However, Cielo didn't stop there, he also broke the Olympic record of 21s34 in the semi-final of the 50 meter freestyle, a feat crowned with gold in the category. The athlete who started in swimming pools in the interior of São Paulo reached the top of the world.

And, back in Brazil, the Olympic champion decided to dedicate his drive and energy to opening new paths for Brazilian swimming, and helping to sow the new talents that will bring the medals of the future. Cielo founded the César Cielo Institute, whose objective is to encourage the practice of sport among Brazilian children and adolescents. The institute promotes courses and support for young athletes, and ensures that the swimmer's legacy feeds new generations.

More than an athlete, Cielo is a symbol of perseverance. The energy and strength expressed in this incredible photograph are the mark of overcoming expectations and difficulties, characteristics that allowed the athlete to write his name in the history of world sport.

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