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Autograph of Garrincha (1966)

Autograph of Garrincha (1966)

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In 1966, at the World Cup in England, Mané Garrincha signed an autograph for a young German.

Manuel dos Santos " Garrincha " autograph for a German fan. England, July 1966. 15 cm x 12 cm. Excellent condition. Single piece.

In this World Cup in Qatar, and despite the sad elimination of the Brazilian team, we obviously talk a lot about Pelé, unfortunately hospitalized and at an advanced age. He is certainly the most famous and respected Brazilian player, and perhaps the most important player in the history of this sport, due to the records and titles he won.

However, Brazil, the country of football, has many stars. One of them, whose destiny crossed with that of Pelé, is Manoel Francisco dos Santos, who died prematurely, known as Mané Garrincha or simply Garrincha (1933-1983), who will be remembered in 2023, with the 50th anniversary of his death.

As a right winger, he is considered one of the best Brazilian footballers of all time and, for some, the greatest dribbler in football history. Winner of numerous titles for the Botafogo club, he also won two editions of the World Cup, in 1958 and 1962. He was elected in 1998 among the eleven players of the FIFA World Team of the 20th Century.

In addition to his footballing qualities, his personality and his tragic destiny (with an end of life marked by alcoholism), make him a legendary player in Brazil and abroad. Here, its popularity was so great that it was nicknamed “Joy of the People”.

Obtained during the 1966 World Cup, in England, and kept until today by the children of a young German (15 years old at the time) who had access to the player, this autograph is in perfect condition, which rarely happens . On the sheet that served as this autograph, a collage made by the teenager after meeting his idol: newspaper clippings, a photo of Garrincha and his name... with a spelling error in the German press, unused to Latin names: Carrincha instead by Garrincha .

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