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Autographs by Alberto Santos Dumont and Emile Berliner (1913)

Autographs by Alberto Santos Dumont and Emile Berliner (1913)

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Two genius inventors meet and sign a flyer for a fan.

Gyro Motor technical pamphlet signed by Alberto Santos Dumont and Emile Berliner for a fan. A leaf. In English.. ~ 27 cm x 20 cm. Washington DC, 1913. Excellent condition. Single piece.

History may appear to be just a sequence of events from the past. But, for me, it's also a matter of imagination: we don't know everything, not everything is recorded in history books, we still have a lot to discover or, first of all, to imagine. Rare autographed documents have always sparked my imagination, and this piece is no exception:

- "Good evening Sir, my name is Alberto Santos Dumont."

- "It is a real pleasure and honor to meet you Mister Dumont, I heard a lot about you, I am Emil Berliner ."

In 1913, maybe Santos Dumont (1873 - 1932) and Emil Berliner they met during a dinner in Washington and talked for many hours about aviation and engines... Suddenly, a fan shyly approached and asked for an autograph from his idols on this technical pamphlet.

But who was Emil? Berliner ? American of German descent, Berliner (1851 - 1929) was an engineer-inventor with a passion for technology. He excelled in two fields mainly: the sound and engine of airplanes. It all started in 1878 when he managed to significantly improve, with a transceiver, the telephone recently invented by the American Graham Bell. Ten years later, he became interested in the works of another genius of his day, Thomas Edison. He then developed the gramophone and improved techniques that revolutionized the growing music industry... Soon records were already in every home!

But it wasn't music that brought together Santos Dumont and Berliner , and yes aeronautics, also born at the beginning of the 20th century. In 1908, Berliner invented a lighter and more powerful engine for airplanes and created the Gyro Motor Company in the United States for larger-scale production. Santos Dumont was certainly interested in this inventor, also audacious, who, ten years later, in 1919, with the help of his son Henry, also designed one of the first helicopters capable of transporting a man.

Gyro Motor closed with the First World War, but the advances in aviation, thanks to pioneers like Santos Dumont and Emil Berliner , would never stop. This document is a unique association of two great inventors, a very valuable piece for collectors specializing in aviation or music.

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