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Autographs by Cecília Meireles and Manuel Bandeira (1963)

Autographs by Cecília Meireles and Manuel Bandeira (1963)

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The great writers Cecília Meireles and Manuel Bandeira honored friends and admirers from Minas Gerais with their autographs.

  • Two autographs, one by Cecília Meireles, the other by Manuel Bandeira (with a longer dedication) for admirers in Juiz de Fora (MG).
  • In Portuguese.
  • Format business cards, with their envelopes.
  • Brazil, 1963.
  • Yellowed paper, good condition.
  • Unique set.

Portuguese is a poetic language. It is a fact, not so well known around the world, as there are few countries that share it, but still, it has a unique melody. More than that, perhaps this exoticity is part of the mysticism surrounding our many verbal tenses and infinite idiomatic expressions, an instrument for the magic of great poets. The Portuguese language is the mother of many authors, but few of them managed to transcend and mark their names in literature, among them, it is impossible not to highlight Cecília Meireles and Manuel Bandeira, exponents of Brazilian Modernism who gave the language a touch of art.

Born in Recife at the end of the 19th century, Bandeira was a poet, literary critic, literature professor and translator. With his simple and direct style, the writer was adept at the colloquial language, and was part of the first phase of Brazilian Modernism, participating in the Modern Art Week of 22. Cecília was from Rio, born in 1901, and was one of the first women to have great prominence in Brazilian literature, emerging as a symbol of the second phase of Modernism in Brazil. The renowned writer's poetry had a more intimate tone, with a strong influence of psychoanalysis and social themes.

Little is known about the relationship between the friends, who, discreetly, preferred to express their feelings and admiration through their art: the connection between these two great names in Brazilian poetry goes beyond their modernist roots to consolidate a strong friendship that was eternalized in the rhymes of Portuguese language.

In 1948, when Cecília was at the height of her professional recognition, both in Brazil and Portugal, Bandeira published the book “Belo Belo”, in which the poem “Improviso” stands out, a tribute to the poet and friend. In his words, he describes her as “liberal and exact”, “as strong and as fragile as the wave at the end of the fight”. Subtly, the poet brings biographical features of Cecília, who suffered important family losses, but still remained resilient. The lady of letters was not left behind, and dedicated the poem “Diana” to Bandeira.

There are two great Brazilian writers, two friends and two beautiful autograph documents that we have put together for you.

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