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Eva Perón's handwritten note (1950s)

Eva Perón's handwritten note (1950s)

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Concerned about the poorest, Evita writes precise instructions for a collaborator of her Foundation.

Eva Perón's letter of instructions to one of her Foundation collaborators. One page. In Spanish. 23 cm x 15 cm. Argentina, 1950s. Good condition. Single piece.

Elva H. de Monavello is given all the facilities to complete her little house. LC : 075219 - For Luisa Gandilla De Ramos : it is necessary to send her provisions and clothes, as she has many children at her school in the city of Tapiales. UT : 62850. Let Renzi prepare toys for Rosario's excursion with Tirenti and Sactomochea. The 3 things. Eva Peron.

Eva Perón, known as Evita (1919 – 1952), was an actress who married General Perón when he was elected president of Argentina. It quickly became very popular, mainly because of its concern with the living conditions of the lower classes and the role of trade unions. From humble beginnings, Evita created the Eva Perón Foundation to help the poor, in addition to building many hospitals and orphanages. It also conquered the right to vote for women, social security and paid holidays.

In this note, we can see how much Eva Perón was a generous and dedicated leader, which is why she is - until today - an icon in Argentina and a woman admired throughout the world.

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