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Handwritten note by Gabriela Mistral (1940s)

Handwritten note by Gabriela Mistral (1940s)

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Gabriela Mistral, the first Latina Nobel laureate in literature, writes a mysterious note to an American collector.

Handwritten note from Gabriela Mistral, unsigned. A 1/2 rectangular sheet. In Spanish. 19cm x 12.5cm. 1940s or early 1950s, probably in New York. With some minor wear around the edges, paper yellowed with age, sharp writing. On the back, another signed text by Fredy Wang (a composer?). Single piece.

I remember a creature who loves music and knows nothing about it: he loves music as a reader loves good literature.

Gabriela Mistral (1889 - 1957) was a Chilean poet, teacher, activist and the first Latin American author to win the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1945: she remains the only Latin woman awarded in that category.

Although she had no formal education after the age of 12, Mistral became a prolific and beloved poet, as well as a widely respected teacher. After his retirement, he taught abroad, worked for the League of Nations, taught at several American and European universities, and served as a consul in various overseas posts. She was a great friend of Pablo Neruda, her fellow Chilean poet, whom she met in Madrid and also a Nobel Prize winner for literature.

Gabriela Mistral's poems blend American and European cultures and address themes such as death, children and motherhood. Among his most famous poems are "Su Nombre es Hoy", "Piececitos de Niño", "Balada", "Todas Íbamos um Ser Reinas", "La Oración de la Maestra", "El Anjo da Guarda", "Decálogo del Artista ," and "La Flor del Aire".

Almost half a century after Gabriela Mistral's death, her presence can still be felt throughout Chile. There isn't a city in this country that doesn't have a street, square or school named after her... and her poems and essays form part of the school's syllabus.

This document by Gabriela Mistral was part of an autograph album kept by a great New York collector who worked at the UN when Gabriela lived near New York.

Gabriela Mistral is probably the best-known writer on the South American continent and a legend in Chile. Internationally recognized for her Nobel Prize in Literature, her documents available to private collectors are very rare, even more so when they are manuscripts. Mysterious, the content draws attention and the paper is in good condition.

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