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Handwritten note by Monteiro Lobato

Handwritten note by Monteiro Lobato

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Genius writer Monteiro Lobato leaves a note for his lover, Leonor De Aguiar, who responds with a lipstick mark.

Note, manuscript, which tells that Monteiro Lobato looked for Leonor De Aguiar, did not find her and asks her to look for him, on the back there are lipstick marks, probably she kissed the note. In Portuguese. 9.5 cm x 21.3 cm. No information about date and location. Average state. Single piece.

Leonor, Lobato was here at 4.45 and found his nose in the door. Will come back another day. Received the note [erasure] at the Publisher. He told me to call 72077 before lunch to make an appointment. Goodbye, angel! Lobato.

Monteiro Lobato (1882 – 1948) was one of the most influential Brazilian writers of the 20th century. Precursor of children's literature, his works achieved immense popularity with textbooks and children's books that use simple language. Reinações de Narizinho (1931), Caçadas de Pedrinho (1933) and O Picapau Amarelo (1939) are his most famous works and Emília, Pedrinho, Cuca, or Saci Pererê are characters that the whole of Brazil has known for several generations.

Leonor De Aguiar was his lover. Intellectual, from a traditional São Paulo family, she was a woman ahead of her time, spoke several languages, lived in Europe, an intellectual, a friend of Senator Freitas Vale and a regular at Vilia Kyrial. He appeared prominently in the miniseries "Um só Coração", in celebration of São Paulo's 450th anniversary.

The most valuable documents show an unknown aspect of the personality, or life, of a historical personality; In this letter, we enter into the intimacy of the great writer Monteiro Lobato, in love, rewarded by an epistolary kiss - a lipstick mark - from his lover.

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