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Salvador Dali's Weird Corpse

Salvador Dali's Weird Corpse

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Strange cadaver with texts and drawings by the genius artist Savaldor Dali and some of his friends.

A strange cadaver in the form of a handwritten poem, with five small drawings by Salvador Dali, with some corrections and erasures. We still don't know who the other participants in the work were. One page. In French. 12.6 cm x 19.3 cm. No information about date and location. Excellent condition. Single piece.

The bus / Audacity / changing perfume / eating artichokes / divorce quickly / naked phone / what an Angel! / Frisson / illness / Aphrodisiac / Romance / tonight or never / Venus / 3 ginfis / Wysky / pork pie au gratin / exploding giraffe / The weird corpse.

Literary game known as weird corpse was invented around 1925 by the French surrealist group composed of writers and artists such as Guillaume Apollinaire, Man Ray and Salvador Dali (1904 – 1989). The work was collective with the intention of an “automatic” artistic production. It could be a drawing or a text, each artist drew or wrote a small part that was hidden and continued by another who didn't know what was on top and so on, with three or more participants. The game ended up giving curious and amusing results.

An extremely original and renowned painter, author of the work Persistência da Memoria , Dali left behind an intense artistic production, unfortunately much copied. Countless are the drawings and paintings counterfeit Dalí and, on the contrary, very rare are the authenticated originals still available on the world market for collectors.

In this document – ​​formally attributed to Dali in 2015 by French specialists – a literary work and small drawings are joined, with Dali's active participation showing two aspects of his creative genius; additional and very personal interest, an « explosive giraffe « , my daughter Sofia's favorite animal. One mystery remains to be solved… Who were the other participants, anonymous or famous, in this spontaneous work?

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