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Old letter from the house of Champagne Krug (1872)

Old letter from the house of Champagne Krug (1872)

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In 1872, the - still small - Champagne Krug house became a world reference, with a great demand for quality.

  • Handwritten letter from Krug to Georges Sayer, from the city of Cognac.
  • Two pages.
  • In French.
  • 21.7 cm x 26.6 cm.
  • Reims, September 16, 1872.
  • Excellent condition.
  • Unique piece.

The Foudre Esprit invoiced in your letter dated the 24th of this month arrived here and your account was credited.

In 1872, the Champagne house Krug, founded in 1843 in Reims by Johann-Joseph Krug and today owned by the prestigious LVMH (Louis-Vuitton, Moët and Chandon), is run by his only son, Paul, a lover of gastronomy, of great wines, hunting and travel. It is under his direction that the company developed, investing in the English market, to become a global reference for quality among champagne brands.

According to expert Ennio Frederico, member of the Brazilian Academy of Gastronomy: "Krug established an excellent reputation in the 20th century with the launch of the Grande Cuvée made up of dozens of wines from different vintages. Krug also gained fame for fermenting the base wines in barrels of oak where each plot is vinified separately. This makes the wines more resistant to oxidation and, contrary to what many people think, the wood does not interfere with the flavor."

This letter confirms the receipt of a batch of "Foudre Esprit" Champagne for refund and is proof of the Krug family's extreme commercial attention to its customers since the beginning of its fame.

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