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Letter signed by Prince Rainier of Monaco (1967)

Letter signed by Prince Rainier of Monaco (1967)

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In 1967, Prince Rainier of Monaco administered the Principality, refusing to appoint a writer to an institutional position.

Letter signed by Prince Rainier of Monaco to André Maurois, an important French writer. One page, with the official heading of the Principality. In French. 20.3 cm x 26.6 cm. Monaco, February 3, 1967. Excellent condition. Unique piece.

Prince Rainier of Monaco (1923 - 2005), assumed power of the Principality of Monaco from 1949, for almost 56 years, being one of the longest-reigning monarchs during the 20th century. He became known outside of Europe for his marriage to the American actress Grace Kelly, for his important reforms in Monaco's constitution and for his decisions, which allowed the economic expansion of the Principality, mainly through the real estate sector and tourism. Monaco is a city-state of 35,000 inhabitants, with its own constitution and law.

This letter shows the monarch, leader, making a decision for the Principality: having to replace a retiring member of an important judicial body, he thanks but denies an appointment from André Maurois, explaining his concern about balancing the institution's competencies. Particularly notable on this letter are the Monaco Palace letterhead and Prince Rainier's beautiful signature.

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