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Letter signed by Agatha Christie (1969)

Letter signed by Agatha Christie (1969)

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In 1969, British novelist Agatha Christie worries about the progressive disappearance of hardcover books.

Letter written and signed by Agatha Christie to John Shea from Georgetown University, Washington, USA. One page. In English. 13.8 cm x 17.4 cm. England. October 14, 1969. Excellent condition. Single piece.

Dear Mr Shea, Thank you for your letter, I think everyone has to collect books in paperback editions these days as hardcover editions are out of print and quickly become unavailable. All good for you. Carefully. Agatha Mallowan *.

* Her name until 1926 when she started using Agatha Christie.

Agatha Christie (1890 - 1976) was a British crime novelist whose books - more than eighty - were the most translated in history, surpassed only by the Bible and the works of Shakespeare. The most famous are "The Assassination of Roger Ackroyd", "Murder on the Orient Express", "The Case of the Ten Little Blacks" and "The Cloth Falls", in which the famous character Hercule Poirot investigates mysterious murders. It was Agatha's mother who encouraged her, as a child - with a cold and resting - to write a short story: it was a revelation of her talent for her and her family.

The content of this letter, directly related to the world of Agatha Christie's literature, is very rare and interesting. In 1969, the author was already concerned about the progressive disappearance of hardcover books, a very current debate due to the new possibilities of the internet.

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