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Letter signed by André Citroën (1925)

Letter signed by André Citroën (1925)

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In 1925, André Citroën, the founder of the car brand, delegated powers to facilitate the company's growth.

  • Official document signed by André Citroën authorizing "Monsieur Chalvon" (probably the financial director) to receive payments on behalf of the Citroën brand.
  • Company letterhead.
  • One page.
  • In French.
  • 20.6 cm x 26.7 cm.
  • Paris, March 11, 1925.
  • Excellent condition.
  • Unique piece.

As a young man, André Citroën (1878 - 1935) visited a flour factory, belonging to a relative in Poland, where there were wooden gears with teeth cut in a "V" shape. Upon returning to France, Citroën applied this concept to steel and registered its patent, making this innovation the symbol of the brand. During the First World War, Citroën produced weapons for the French army and, when peace returned in 1919, it decided to manufacture cars. At the beginning of 1930, the Citroën company was the fourth largest car manufacturer in the world.

The first automobile in Brazilian history was from the Peugeot-Citroën brand. It was brought by Alberto Santos Dumont's brothers, who used the brand's engines in some of his airships created in Paris. In the early 1990s, the group and brands decided to invest and build factories in Brazil for national production.

In 1925, when André Citroën signed this document, the company was only 6 years old. However, the brand was already very famous and sold its second model, the "Type C", yellow in color. In France, it was the first car produced on a large scale. During the same year, André Citroën also became a visionary in the field of marketing: he wrote the name of his company on the Eiffel Tower with electric light bulbs. This was the biggest advertisement in the world at the time.

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