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Letter signed by Charlie Chaplin (1964)

Letter signed by Charlie Chaplin (1964)

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The unforgettable Carlitos thanks, with great humor, a fan for remembering his 75th birthday.

  • Letter written and signed by Charlie Chaplin to Mr Müller, probably a German fan.
  • Chaplin thanks you for remembering his 75th birthday.
  • One page and the envelope.
  • In English.
  • 15 cm x 21 cm.
  • Switzerland, April 16, 1964.
  • Excellent condition.
  • Unique piece.

Charles Chaplin (1889 - 1970), also known as "Carlitos" in Brazil, was perhaps the most famous artist in the history of cinema. He created his own style with a bowler hat, a frayed coat, old pants and shoes bigger than his size, a cane and a mustache.

Of English origin, Carlitos made his fortune in the United States, producing many films that became cinema classics, for example "The Kid" in 1921, which tells the story of a baby who ends up in the care of a tramp, "Modern Times" in 1936, which satirizes the mechanization of modernity and "The Great Dictator" in 1940, in which he criticizes racial persecution in Europe.

I really liked the funny tone of this letter from Charlie Chaplin who writes: "Just a few words to thank you for remembering this solemn and desperate date, my seventy-fifth birthday."

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