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Letter signed by Enzo Ferrari (1987)

Letter signed by Enzo Ferrari (1987)

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Enzo Ferrari, the founder of the prestigious car factory, writes a letter of thanks to a Swiss client.

  • Letter of thanks from Enzo Ferrari to Mr Cimarosti, a fortunate Swiss customer, loyal to the brand.
  • Comes with the original envelope stamped with Ferrari symbols.
  • One page. In Italian.
  • 16 cm x 10.5 cm.
  • Modena (Ferrari headquarters), Italy, June 17, 1987.
  • Excellent condition.
  • Unique piece.

Dear Mr Cimarosti,
Thanks for the magazines and see you later

Enzo Ferrari (1898 - 1988) was the founder of the Ferrari automobile factory. As a child, he fell in love with motor sport, working as a mechanic and then as a test driver. At the age of 21 he tried to work at Fiat, but was refused... He then decided to create Scuderia Ferrari in 1925, which became, despite many difficulties, "the brand of dreams" that we know.

Despite technological innovations, the factory operates in the old way, with engines and bodywork finished by hand and women sitting behind sewing machines working on the leather. The company faithfully follows Enzo Ferrari's philosophy of maintaining control over all production.

Ferrari is one of the most valuable and well-known brands in the world, which manufactures exclusive sports cars and has participated in Formula 1 for years, with many victories. The brand sells, on average, 6,000 units annually to customers willing to wait more than a year for the car to be delivered.

Autograph documents from the founder appear rarely and are highly sought after. An additional interest here, the envelope, in perfect condition.

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