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Letter signed by Walter Chrysler (1924)

Letter signed by Walter Chrysler (1924)

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About to found the famous car brand, Walter Chrysler encourages his son to study and play sports.

  • Typewritten letter from Walter Chrysler to his son, Walter Percy Junior, 15 years old at the time, student at the elitist Hotchkiss School.
  • He signed it by hand "Dad".
  • One page, with Walter Chrysler's official letterhead, and the original envelope.
  • In English.
  • 20.2 cm x 25.4 cm.
  • New York, October 6, 1924.
  • Excellent condition.
  • Unique piece.


I came back from Detroit on Saturday morning (…) I know you're dedicated and that you'll do one hundred percent well at Hotchkiss. Work hard and have fun whenever you get the chance. Reid will pick up his golf clubs today and probably ship them tomorrow. I hope you receive everything we send you. If you want, play tennis, golf, etc.; get plenty of exercise.

Walter Chrysler (1875 - 1940), a descendant of Germans, after working and being recognized as an excellent mechanic in companies in the railway sector, was invited to head the production of Buick, at the time the largest company in the sector in the United States. He had a brilliant career at the company, innovating spectacularly, until becoming shareholder and president, thus building his fortune. His enrichment made it possible to have enough capital to found Chrysler and become one of the Detroit "three." Chrysler currently belongs to the Fiat group, like Ferrari, controlling several other brands, such as Dodge, Ram trucks or Jeep.

His son Walter Jr, recipient of this letter, then 14 years old, became interested in his father's art collection at an early age. The Chrysler Museum Of Art website tells of a unique event, a year later after this letter:

Walter Chrysler Jr., while a 14-year-old boarding school student, bought his first painting, a small watercolor of a nude. The dorm master, believing no proper young man should have a nude in his room, confiscated and destroyed the painting. The kicker? The destroyed painting was a Renoir!

Later, when he graduated, Walter Jr. embarked for Europe, where he met Picasso, Braque, Gris, Matisse, Léger and other avant-garde artists in Paris. He acquired several works by each, preparing - with his father - the largest private collection of painting and sculpture in the United States.

This letter draws attention because it shows Walter Chrysler's concern for his son's education and well-being, asking him to work hard, but also to play sports (his father's passion). Walter Chrysler also shows affection for his other children and, especially, for his wife, whose loss in 1938 caused his premature death. Furthermore, this letter is historically important because it was written in 1924, the year in which Walter Chrysler created the brand's first car, also the first affordable car, the Chrysler Six, a year before officially creating Chrysler.

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