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Letter from Jorge Amado (1973)

Letter from Jorge Amado (1973)

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In 1973, in Bahia, Jorge Amado supported the release of new editions of the Olinto couple's books.

Typewritten letter with the signature and a handwritten note from Jorge Amado, to the couple of friends, Antônio and Zora Olinto. A leaf. In Portuguese. 19 cm x 27 cm. Salvador, August 22, 1973. Excellent condition. Single piece.

I think the idea of ​​Zora and you launching here, in one of DM's bookstores, is a great idea, the new edition of “Iemanjá” and “Theories and Other Poems”.

Jorge Amado (1912-2001), one of the most famous writers in Brazilian literature, was successful in bookstores and on Brazilian television through numerous successful soap operas. His work has been translated into 49 languages ​​and published in 55 countries, making him a global literary icon whose popularity rivals that of Paulo Coelho. A great admirer of Jorge Amado's work, his wife Zélia (1916 - 2008), who was also a renowned writer, photographed her husband's life and always helped him a lot. For example, she proofread and typed the author's original manuscripts on the machine. They lived in Rio de Janeiro, Europe and Bahia, her husband's homeland.

Antonio Olinto and Zora Seljan were among the closest friends of Jorge Amado and Zélia Gattai. They lived in London, and kept in touch by correspondence between visits. Afro-Brazilian culture was a constant theme, given the common interest they had in the subject. Zora wrote two books about “Iemanjá” (1967 and 1972), an important African deity, who also inspired Jorge Amado in one of his first novels, “Mar Morto” (1936). Antonio, in turn, wrote “Theories and Other Poems” in 1972, the English translation of As Theories by Jean McQuillen.

A handwritten note from Jorge Amado, a letter from him dealing with literature, finally a special document .

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