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Texts and drawings by Oscar Niemeyer (2000s)

Texts and drawings by Oscar Niemeyer (2000s)

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Almost 100 years old, Oscar Niemeyer writes about Brasília, his works, the time that passes and draws his greatest inspiration: women.

  • Oscar Niemeyer 's sketchbook, with nine pages of text and six original drawings.
  • No information about location, 2000s. 15 pages, nothing on the back of them.
  • 28cm x 20cm.
  • In Portuguese.
  • Excellent general condition, a slight fold mark on the top.
  • Unique piece.

It's been 10 years since Oscar Niemeyer passed away, at 104 years old and with a life of work and extraordinary works in Brazil and around the world. To celebrate this date, I present you an exceptional document for those who love architecture or simply beauty.

It is a set of sheets stuck in a Niemeyer block. First, there are nine pages of text and then, six drawings (one on each sheet). I confess that the whole is largely mysterious, due to the fact that Niemeyer 's writing is almost illegible.

What I know for sure is that it is by Niemeyer , and that it ended up in a traditional bookstore in Rio de Janeiro, which the Architect frequented. The bookstore unfortunately closed, like many others in recent years. But I managed to rescue this treasure.

It is moving for me to know that (...) now they will be in Portugal (...) they have been gone for many years (...) it was with enthusiasm that I received the news that (...) my work will be exhibited in Lisbon Portugal, architects (...) let's talk about the architecture of Brasília (...) courtesy (...) time passes, rulers follow one another (...) contacts. (...) but life goes on (...) I was pleased to receive the news that I was exhibiting (...) my works (...) Portuguese (...) that love. I can't go to Portugal (...) Brasília celebrates its anniversary, it's time to put it aside (...) we go back to remember if those who collaborated (...) JK appears there (...).

A letter ? A speech? A future book? Or simply thoughts? These words are cryptic, but we can make assumptions about the date. Because he mentions the anniversary of Brasília, opened in 1960, and this handwriting is characteristic of the end of his life, close to his centenary, we can assume that it is a round date, perhaps 2000 or 2010. Niemeyer died in 2012. But as he talks about an important exhibition in Portugal, it could be the 1998 universal exhibition, where he was honored.

I enjoyed witnessing the feelings of this great personality and words such as: “moving”, “with enthusiasm”, “it was with pleasure”, “this love”, which show how much Oscar Niemeyer appreciated the interest of the public and professionals in his work, even though it has been established for decades. I also noticed a certain melancholy: “time passes, rulers follow one another” and “life goes on”. Even more important, for us collectors or institutions, the fact that he mentioned Brasília and JK, the most emblematic episode of his career.

The drawings in this block are easier to understand. Women, sensuality, eroticism. “Only the free and sensual curve attracts me”, he says. Oscar Niemeyer 's famous curves were the inspiration for almost all of his impressive constructions, sculptures or furniture. It began in 1940, in Belo Horizonte. The Alvorada Palace in Brasília? A sculptural female body, according to the monomaniac architect, who saw graphic lines everywhere.

Drawings attributed to Niemeyer are not rare on the market, but 95% are forgeries or copies. I believe that with Tarsila do Amaral, Niemeyer comes first in the ranking of the most faked Brazilian artists. Perhaps due to the relative simplicity of its features. What is authentic is often preserved at the Oscar Niemeyer Foundation, in Rio de Janeiro. Therefore, these fifteen sheets are exceptional and a unique opportunity.

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