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Letter in the name of Dom Pedro II (1887)

Letter in the name of Dom Pedro II (1887)

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Dom Pedro II became interested in the research of a French agronomist specializing in olive trees, a few months before the end of the monarchy.

  • Letter from the Viscount of Nioaque to a French agricultural engineer.
  • Cannes, December 12, 1887.
  • One sheet: 20 cm x 27 cm (the letter: 11.2 cm x 18 cm).
  • In French.
  • Excellent condition.
  • Unique piece.

On July 29, 1887, Dom Pedro II, who was staying in France, came to spend the day at the Camille Flammarion observatory (he had all his books) in Juvisy, accompanied by the Viscount of Nioaque and L. Cruls, director of the Rio observatory of January. During this visit, he inaugurated the new telescope and observed the planet Venus.

But who was the Viscount of Nioaque?

Behind all great personalities, there are always lesser-known people, without whom the story would sometimes be very different: spouses, friends, dedicated assistants or secretaries.

The Viscount of Nioaque was one of them. Not much is known about his life: he was noble, born in Porto Alegre with the name Manuel Antônio da Rocha Faria, and began his career as a soldier, in the French Navy for five years, under the command of Napoleon. He then returned to Brazil where he was a deputy, magistrate, senator and private assistant to Dom Pedro II.

This letter was written by him, in French, on behalf of the Emperor, to an agronomist specialized in olive trees, a few months after the visit to the observatory in Paris. The letter is pasted on a sheet that the scientist commented on at the bottom.

Letter from the Viscount of Nioaque

Cannes, December 12, 1887

Hôtel Beau Séjour


The Emperor of Brazil received your letter on the 8th and will be very happy to read your interesting book. Receive His Majesty's thanks and respect.

Viscount of Nioaque (spelled Nioac in French)

Below, the (unidentified) recipient wrote

Viscount of Nioaque

Secretary of the Emperor of Brazil

After reading my work on olive trees, the Emperor asked to arrange a meeting with me. If the Emperor hadn't been deposed shortly afterwards, I would have won the most beautiful medal there is, the Rose of Brazil.

I found this document interesting in at least two aspects: first, it is yet another testimony to Dom Pedro II's immense interest in science, scientists and France... which was reciprocal; second, it allows us to better imagine his agenda a few months before the end of the monarchy, in the company of his secretary - and certainly confidant - the Viscount of Nioaque, who actually died in Cannes a few years later.

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