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Historical letter from Monteiro Lobato (1941)

Historical letter from Monteiro Lobato (1941)

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On his birthday, patriotic writer Monteiro Lobato tells about his day-to-day life in prison, provoking his accusers.

  • Historical letter from Monteiro Lobato to Leonor de Aguiar.
  • In Portuguese.
  • One page.
  • In Portuguese.
  • 21.4 cm x 28.5 cm.
  • São Paulo, April 18, 1941.
  • Low quality paper (obtained in prison by Lobato), restored in São Paulo by Manuel Ley Rodriguez, a specialist at Pinacoteca.
  • Unique piece.

Jail, 4/18/941


The carnations came to celebrate our table in this mine
day of years spent in prison - in the delicious prison that
I conquered hard at the cost of truths in the secret of the swindlers-
dances. I complete one month today, and I'm still in prison because despite
After being acquitted, there was an appeal and I have to wait for a new trial.
I moved my office here - but I have too many visitors
and the work doesn't pay off. When they give me time off, I translate KIM,
by Kipling, and diving body and soul in India. I don't give
I generally like feeling trapped. In the company of the old lama
and Kim, marching along the Great Road to India, heading

to Benares, I treat myself. I even found a chela (disciple) at
Eloy's person - an Alagoas goat with in-
interrupted. It stopped at ten years old - Kim's age. Today at 5 in the morning,
It was still dark, my chela came to congratulate me and bring me a gift.
little bit of flowers. He has enormous admiration for me, and I don't
let go of me - like good Indian chelas don't let go of their Masters.
« When you leave here, everything goes dark; When you enter, everything
illuminates. » He promoted me to champion...

Today is cleaning day in our free room. They took it to the garden
the six beds and everything except the table on which I write and I'm banging
it is. They clean the room around me, and I like the island feeling.
Everything new in the chain. How stupid the general is! I wanted to harm myself and
He only managed to provide me with a very interesting experience.
When you go to UJB, ask Geraldo for a letter to Goes - read it and
congratulate me on the topknot.

Goodbye, dear carnation friend. Rejoice
with what happens to the friend.


On May 24, 1940, the writer Monteiro Lobato, in the midst of the Estado Novo dictatorship, wrote a letter to President Getúlio Vargas, soon followed by another to the Army Chief of Staff, expressing “Mr. President of the Republic, in the face of the oil issue in Brazil, allowing the National Petroleum Council to delay the creation of the large oil industry in our country, to serve, solely and exclusively, the interests of the Standard-Royal Dutch trust”.

Judged to be offensive to public authorities and agents working in the oil sector, Lobato was accused of a crime against National Security. On March 18, 1941, he was preventively arrested for trying to escape the country. Released on June 20, 1941, after an intense and media defense by his lawyers, Lobato was imprisoned for three months in the same prison as Luís Carlos Prestes and Dilma Rousseff.

The value of a card depends on many factors, it has several elements in its favor. Written by one of the best-known Brazilian writers in Brazil and abroad to this day, on his birthday, during the historic episode of his struggle with the military dictatorship, this letter brings together everything that made him famous. Lobato: a lot of humor, a lot of provocation, a great literary style and an immense culture. Certainly one of the most important Brazilian pieces in this collection.

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