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Brigitte Bardot's handwritten letter (1984)

Brigitte Bardot's handwritten letter (1984)

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In 1984, a French icon, Brigitte Bardot, writes to a... dog, which she prefers, to decadent humans.

Handwritten letter from Brigitte Bardot to Milou Van der Veken, a... Belgian dog. In French. One sheet, front and back. 15 cm x 11 cm. South of France, home of Bardot "La Madrague", on June 24, 1984. Perfect condition. Single piece.

My little Milou, tell your father that I had a horrible attack of nephritic colic and that I still suffer. I have a draconian diet and am horribly tired. So, of course, this is not the time to welcome anyone. It's better for you, lovely Milou, bad for us poor decadent human beings. But we will have other opportunities and my friend, she, is not sick! Love each other a lot, I send you a kiss. Brigitte.

Brigitte Bardot (born 1934) is an icon of French culture and one of the most famous French artists. A film actress and singer, she was the leading female figure of the 1950s and 1960s. A world star, a symbol of modern women and sexual freedom, she worked with the greatest directors, starring in 48 films and over 80 songs in her 21 years. career years.

In Brazil, Bardot became famous for her visit to Búzios, a small fishing town that became, after her visits, one of the most sophisticated and sought-after spots in the Brazilian summer. Also known as « BB », Bardot ended her career in 1973 and became an animal rights activist. Since then, she has lived in seclusion in her famous house near Saint Tropez, with rare public appearances.

This long letter, particularly original due to its unusual addressee, is also notable for this sentence: "It's better for you, lovely Milou, bad for us, poor decadent human beings", with which he demonstrates his love for animals and his contempt for humans. The document is in perfect condition, with its original envelope, with Brigitte Bardot's characteristic rounded handwriting.
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