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Handwritten letter and drawing by Cícero Dias to Manuel Bandeira

Handwritten letter and drawing by Cícero Dias to Manuel Bandeira

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Cícero Dias tells, and draws, his intense feelings for a muse to his great friend Manuel Bandeira.

  • Unpublished handwritten letter from Cicero Dias to Manuel Bandeira.
  • One page, front and back.
  • In Portuguese.
  • No date, no location.
  • 13.7 cm x 9.6 cm.
  • Excellent condition.
  • Unique piece.


I received the telegram from / you, don't you know how I always / carry on
admiring my / great friend Manuel Bandeira. / All that was a
effect of / love of much love I eat / always without knowing where to end up. /
Flag, you don't know / I'll tell you anything / everything, everything. / You
wrote about our / Gueldi 1 must be excellent / written. / Me now
I'm loving and living / in damned excitement / night and day oh my
Flag / if I could already be painting / how many times would I have /
kissed my / love's mouth how many times / would I have given flowers and
stars // you know I now / let him grow a / mustache. / That might be right /
that when I / get there I will / draw myself until / I die. / Ella is beautiful
calculate / which is a sum / of Brigte-Helm 2 and / Greta Garbo is the summary /
of everything in the world / that we know. / Flag plus mine / biggest hug
/ Cicero Dias (signed)

You must give Alvaro Moreyra / to publish the poetry about me / in
Palace Hall for Carnival / everyone here thinks it's great.

1 Goeldi
2 Brigitte Helm

Born in Recife, Bandeira (1886 - 1968) published his first book, “The Ash of Hours”, as soon as he returned from Switzerland, the country to which he had traveled to treat his tuberculosis. Since then, he hasn't stopped, and among poetry, prose and anthologies, he has marked his simple but lyrical style, dealing with universal and everyday themes. Cícero Dias (1907 - 2003), on the other hand, despite also being from Pernambuco, was born in Escada, in 1907, and grew up in the interior of the state until his move to Rio de Janeiro, at the age of thirteen. In the capital of Rio, he had his first exhibition and never stopped, working both in Brazil, the United States and Europe. In his works, women, houses and foliage were recurring elements; the painter maintained the influence of Brazilianness even when on foreign soil.

However, more than just notable names in the history of Brazilian art, Manuel and Cícero were great friends. Bandeira, for example, criticized in a very positive way an exhibition of the painter at the Policlínica Geral in 1928, declaring that Cícero's art was deeply dramatic and deforming. The most intimate details of this friendship are revealed in this unpublished letter from the painter to the poet, in which Cicero claims to be in love, talks about the intensity of his feelings and the beauty of the woman he loves and says: “I am now in love, I live in crazy excitement”, After all, who among us doesn't know this feeling?

Cícero does not reveal the name of his muse that he drew here, could she be Raymonde Dias? The beautiful French woman, who became the painter's wife and lived with him for more than 60 years, was one of the greatest supporters of his art. Cicero and Raymonde met in a Paris devastated by the German occupation, and even in the midst of chaos, they fell in love and could never be separated.

We know Cícero's paints and Bandeira's words almost like hymns, and yet, his most confidential sayings reveal the human personalities behind his deserved recognition. The personal correspondences of great artists give us the opportunity to penetrate their armor and find a point of identification that gives new meaning to their works. Manuel Bandeira and Cícero Dias were men who felt and lived like all of us, however, they transformed these experiences into art, and with that they left us a gift and infinite stories to be imagined. That's why this letter of immense intensity is so special.

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