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Handwritten letter from Heitor Villa-Lobos (1928)

Handwritten letter from Heitor Villa-Lobos (1928)

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In 1928, in Paris, the Brazilian composer Heitor Villa-Lobos helps a businessman launch the first 78-RPM records of the electric phase in Brazil.

Handwritten letter from Heitor Villa-Lobos to a businessman friend. In French. One page, blue paper. 23.3 cm x 18.1 cm. Paris, November 20, 1928. Excellent condition. Single piece.

Original text in French, translated into Portuguese

I am pleased to introduce Mr. Porfiro Martins, owner-manager of a large musical instrument house in Rio de Janeiro. He wants to launch throughout Brazil, the records of the French company Gramophone.

Mr. Porfiro will be able to explain certain facts and arguments that will certainly interest you.

I ask him to receive him and tell him, as if it were for me, the path he must follow to succeed in his project.

Thanks in advance for everything you can do for Mr. Porfiro Martins.


Porfirio Martins is considered one of the oldest musical instrument manufacturers in Brazil and the Compagnie française du gramophone was founded in 1899 (a branch of the English Gramophone).

Heitor Villa-Lobos (1887-1959) is considered, by both amateurs and specialists, to be the greatest Brazilian conductor and composer. In 1915, Villa-Lobos started to work as an instrumentalist and, at the age of 19, he wrote his first compositions. He traveled a lot around the world, especially in France and the United States, directing his own compositions and winning the admiration of the public, including Debussy and Stravinski. In Brazil, he did detailed research on Brazilian folklore, which served as inspiration for most of his compositions.

Handwritten or typed letters, autographs or scores signed by the Brazilian composer are increasingly sought after by collectors and lovers of classical music, both in Brazil and abroad. This letter, in excellent condition and with a large signature by the Brazilian composer, shows us that Villa-Lobos was in tune with the new trends in the music market at the time.

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