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Handwritten letter from Jânio Quadros (1978)

Handwritten letter from Jânio Quadros (1978)

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An admirer asks former president Jânio Quadros for an autograph and receives a surprising response!

  • Handwritten letter from Jânio Quadros to Mr. Peter.
  • One page.
  • In English. 13.8cm x 17.4cm.
  • Probably Brazil, November 18, 1978. Good condition.
  • Unique piece.

Dear Sir Peter,

I'm not that important to send photos, not to mention that I'm one of the ugliest men in the world...

Anyway, your letter made me very happy, best wishes to you and your family,

J. Quadros

November 18, 1978

Jânio Quadros (1917 - 1992) was the first president to take office in the new capital, Brasília. He governed Brazil for just 7 months before resigning in 1961, one of the most unusual events in the country's history. His deputy, João Goulart, assumed power, which reinforced the resistance of conservative and military elites, and which, in the end, paved the way for the 1964 military coup.

Jânio was a charismatic leader who aimed to end corruption and, therefore, won over a large part of the public. For historian Newton Itokazu, from USP (University of São Paulo), " Jânio had a meteoric political career and was a great organizer" . According to him, " to get closer to voters, Jânio pretended to have dandruff on his suit and ate mortadella sandwiches during rallies." For Itokazu, " one of the most dissonant characteristics was the formality that Jânio used when speaking".

The funny tone, typical of the former president who played an important role in the contemporary history of Brazil, makes this letter a special rarity.

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