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Handwritten letter from José de Alencar (1875)

Handwritten letter from José de Alencar (1875)

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The great writer José de Alencar uses his literary talent to support a political friend.

  • Handwritten letter from José de Alencar to an unidentified Colonel.
  • One sheet, two pages.
  • 13.3 cm x 20.5 cm.
  • In Portuguese. January 8, 1875.
  • Good state.
  • Unique piece.

(...) I have heard that my friend has recently been the target of the anger of liberals, who cannot suffer their legitimate and great influence in Marenguape. But I am convinced that having long been accustomed to fighting, he must not have been bothered by these impertinences of mosquitoes; Above all, I'm sure his friends applaud him.

José de Alencar played a crucial role in defining Brazilian literary identity, especially through his novels that explore national themes, indigenous characters and Brazilian landscapes. His novels "O Guarani" and "Iracema", for example, are some of the most emblematic works of Brazilian literature. Furthermore, he had an active and influential political career in imperial Brazil, being known for his eloquent speeches and his ability to debate complex topics, including the issue of slavery, educational reforms and economic development.

This letter reveals that Alencar was involved and well informed about local political dynamics and maintained connections with influential figures in different regions, such as Ceará, his home state. Alencar clearly expresses support for his friend and shows the value he placed on loyalty and mutual support between political and personal allies. Finally, the way he writes — using metaphors such as "mosquito impertinences" to describe criticisms or attacks from political opponents — reflects his rhetorical skill and eloquence, which are also striking characteristics of his literary works. It is a very rare testimony to the intersection between his literary life and his active participation in politics.

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