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Handwritten letter from José Pancetti (1949)

Handwritten letter from José Pancetti (1949)

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“Many would like to possess you as a woman, attractive as you are, simply driven by the desire for ephemeral possession.”

  • Unpublished handwritten letter from José Pancetti to Stela, with a drawing.
  • One page.
  • In Portuguese.
  • 20.3 cm x 25.7 cm.
  • January 15, 1949.
  • Excellent condition.
  • Unique piece.


[?] 1/15/949


Many would like to possess you as a woman
attractive that you are, moved simply by
I desire ephemeral possession, to have you as a wife
or partner for life, but
always with the same aim. And this happens,
almost always, with the human totality.
I tell you that I wouldn't like to possess you
in the same way because I am also
a man. But what more deeply
It moves me and I would like to have you, Constant
fearfully, as a source of inspiration for my
art: I would always love you every time
more and like no one ever was
able to adore you. And with this one of yours
simple, [?] and strange figure
I would then create a world of colors and
new ways where your [?]

José Pancetti

In this small excerpt from a brief love letter, José Pancetti (1902 - 1958), a modernist painter considered one of the greatest landscape artists in Brazil, declares the beauty of his beloved Stela. This beauty, however, will always be a secret for us, since Pancetti did not reveal his Stela's face in his paintings. Still, we know that the feeling that moved the painter was not an ephemeral desire.

They say that every great artist has his great muse. Although we cannot generalize, this fruitful relationship marked the production of many talented creators in the history of humanity. In addition to Pancetti and Stela, there is no shortage of other cases, Picasso is also known for his inspiring muses. The women in his life played a fundamental role in his artistic legacy, and he portrayed his models and lovers in his paintings. Gala Éluard Dalí, wife of the great Salvador Dalí, is another example of a muse. This strong woman not only captivated her husband, immersed in the Surrealist Movement, the Russian captured artists such as Éluard, whom she also married, as well as Max Ernst and André Breton.

The beauty of the bond between the artist and the muse does not depend on the relationship they maintain, it is born from the perpetuity of this union, and goes beyond the face that is revealed on a canvas. Pancetti, in this exceptional statement to his beloved Stela, confessed: “But what moves me most deeply and what I would like, was to have you, constantly, as a source of inspiration for my art”. And so the artist did, transforming his feeling into something perpetual in a world of colors and shapes, and eternalizing his secret and dreamed Stela.

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