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Handwritten letter from Maurice Béjart

Handwritten letter from Maurice Béjart

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Maurice Béjart, the legendary French choreographer, praises the great ballet star, Sylvie Guillem, also world renowned.

Letter written by French choreographer Maurice Béjart to dancer Sylvie Guillem. A page headed "Maurice Bejart" and the address of the dance company in Lausanne. In French. 20.7 cm x 29.5 cm. Switzerland. No information about the date. Excellent condition. Single piece.

How to talk about Sylvie?

Talent is unique, but talent is multiple, evident and indefinable like everything that goes beyond the norms and reaches that mysterious zone where the great poets embark on their “drunken boat”!

It pulls us away from the gray everyday life and, striking the stars, throws us onto the futon.

Thank you, Sylvie.


Dancer and choreographer Maurice Béjart (1927 – 2007), born in France, dedicated himself to dance from the age of 14 and trained in classical ballet in London and Paris, with the best teachers. Brilliant, Béjart quickly felt the desire to create innovative choreographies, less elitist and more accessible to the people.

The brilliant result was immediately displeasing to critics and traditionalist professionals in the field. Rejected in France, he moved to Belgium - and later to Switzerland - where he enjoyed international success for many years with his own companies, in theatres, stadiums or circuses. Author of almost 140 choreographies, he revolutionized dance, adding theatrical effects, literary narrations and videos. Maurice Béjart also shared his experience through two schools.

When a journalist asked him to define what dance is, he replied: "A minimum of explanation, a minimum of anecdotes and a maximum of sensations".

Born in Paris, Sylvie Guillem started ballet at the age of 11, was the muse of the great Russian dancer Rudolf Nureyev and created the ballet Sissi with Maurice Béjart in 1993. She is considered one of the best dancers in the world and has prolonged her career for 40 years, a much longer time than other successful dancers.

This letter between two dance monuments is unique for its absolutely poetic content.

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