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Maurice Chevalier's handwritten letter (1963)

Maurice Chevalier's handwritten letter (1963)

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Invited to sing at the Copacabana Palace in 1963, Maurice Chevalier sends a letter recounting his triumph.

Letter from Maurice Chevalier to his French friends. This letter was written in São Paulo, from the Jaraguá hotel. In French. One page. 21 cm x 29 cm. São Paulo, August 14, 1963. Good condition. Single piece.


(...) You know that we had an extraordinary success here in Rio de Janeiro and that here too, we had to deny people. I write to you - tomorrow - from Buenos Aires.

The artist says that the success was so great in Rio De Janeiro that it was impossible to receive all the fans (probably at the Copacabana Palace); the next day, he went to sing in Buenos Aires.

Maurice Chevalier (1888 - 1972) is a pillar of French culture. Actor, singer and comedian, he wrote many famous songs like "Louise", "Mimi" or "Valentine". He also made a brilliant career as an actor in the United States, where he was nominated for an Oscar for two films: "The Love Parade" (1929) and "The Big Pond" (1930).

Charismatic, seductive and famous worldwide, Maurice Chevalier is also known for his love stories with stars of the time, such as Marlene Dietrich and Mistinguett. At the time that Maurice Chevalier came to Brazil (apparently, the only time), he was invited to sing at the inauguration of the "Golden Room" of the Copacabana Palace. He was then one of the most famous singers in the world.

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