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Handwritten letter from Monteiro Lobato

Handwritten letter from Monteiro Lobato

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The famous writer and businessman Monteiro Lobato, in love and jealous, writes to his lover.

  • A handwritten letter from Monteiro Lobato, with the letterhead of the National Union of Industry and Commerce, with a handwritten envelope addressed to Leonor De Aguiar.
  • One page.
  • In Portuguese.
  • 21.3 cm x 27.6 cm.
  • No information about date and location.
  • Good state.
  • Unique piece.

I've already thought of a [plot]
in your case, but
I need even more
some information to form
definitive idea. Where and at what time can I see her, without
the presence of a French nose
that monopolizes the conversation?
Could you arrange a place and time for me over the phone? In that
if you call 21999, from 2 to 4


Monteiro Lobato received an inheritance that allowed him to pursue his passion and publish his first short stories in newspapers and magazines. He also became an editor and businessman, also starting to print books in Brazil at a time when Brazilian books were published in Paris or Lisbon.

In this letter, there is a hint of jealousy when he says that he wants another meeting where "there won't be a French nose monopolizing the conversation". The heading of the "Sindicato Nacional de Industria e Commercio" also reminds us that Monteiro Lobato, in addition to being a great writer, was also a successful businessman.

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