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Typewritten letter with annotations by Rudyard Kipling (1927)

Typewritten letter with annotations by Rudyard Kipling (1927)

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In 1927, Rudyard Kipling, the author of The Jungle Book, awaits the publication in Rio de Janeiro of articles recounting his trip to Brazil.

  • Typed letter, with handwritten notes from Rudyard Kipling, to Mrs Sanders (probably the writer Ella Sanders).
  • One page, written on both sides.
  • In English.
  • 20.1 cm x 26.4 cm.
  • December 20, 1927.
  • Bateman's, England.
  • Excellent condition, except for a thin strip of text at the bottom of the first page, probably damaged by adhesive tape.
  • Unique piece.

In this letter, Kipling talks about a trip to France, where he met his daughter, his return to England, where it rained a lot, he makes comments about his livestock and servants or even his dogs, in a humorous style. An even more interesting part refers to Brazil:

My articles about Brazil, from what little I have seen, will be published in the Morning Post next week and I heard that they will be translated into Portuguese for one of the newspapers in Rio. I have never read my texts in that language, I am, naturally, very interested . I hope the Brazilian is too.

On the second page of the letter there are some handwritten notes that appear to be book suggestions for Mrs Sanders.

The Ugly Duchess (better [deteriorated] Jen Gress)
The Ereville Memories (perfectly heartly [mis] fascinating)
The Show Bros (I think) has been recommended
Lechmanskies Memories (he [deteriorated] truth sometimes)
These all, Ludwings “Napoleon”.


Rudyard Kipling (1865 - 1936) was the first Nobel Prize winner for English-language literature, in 1907. His books for children are classics of children's literature, such as The Jungle Book. Rudyard was 24 years old in 1889, the year he left India to work as a correspondent for an important newspaper in that country, The Pioneer. He traveled a lot around the world and began writing novels and poetry. In 1894 he published The Jungle Book, translated in Brazil as The Jungle Book, which became a Disney cartoon in 1967, with the wolf boy's immense success.

Two decades later, despite his health problems, he boarded a ship and traveled for two years to the Tropics region. He arrived in Brazil in 1927, where he stayed for five weeks, enough to write a travel report of seven chapters, poems and drawings that value the country. The first land seen is Recife, then the writer goes to Bahia and finally arrives in Rio de Janeiro, on the eve of Carnival. Kipling ends his trip passing through São Paulo, “a small town, three hundred kilometers from the coast, with nine hundred thousand people”.

In this letter, from the first (and youngest) Nobel Prize winner for English-language literature, author of the immensely successful "The Jungle Book", which everyone knows, comments on the publication of his articles in Brazil in 1927, a few weeks after the your return.

In addition to the style and humorous tone of the letter, we also appreciate Kipling's handwriting, through a few handwritten lines at the end, a list of books that he recommends for his friend. A historic Nobel Prize, details about the life of the famous author, handwritten literary references, Brazil... Here we have all the ingredients of a very desirable document for a Brazilian or English collector.

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