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Handwritten letter from Ruy Barbosa (1883)

Handwritten letter from Ruy Barbosa (1883)

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In 1883, Ruy Barbosa, at the height of his political activity, talked to his cousin about medical matters.

  • Handwritten letter from Ruy Barbosa to Antonio de Araujo Ferreira Jacobina.
  • One sheet, two pages and the original envelope.
  • 21.5cm x 26.8cm
  • In Portuguese.
  • São Paulo, November 28, 1883.
  • Good condition.
  • Unique piece.

Brazil's history is full of iconic figures who shaped the country's course. Among them, Ruy Barbosa (1849-1923) stands out, a multifaceted personality who played a crucial role in Brazilian politics during the end of the Empire and the beginning of the Republic.

He contributed greatly to the drafting of the first Republican Constitution, establishing principles such as the separation of Powers, the democratic Rule of Law, individual guarantees against state discretion and the supremacy of the Constitution, in addition to strengthening the role of the Federal Supreme Court. For all this, he is considered the patron saint of Brazilian lawyers.

In general, Barbosa understood the need for a modern country to be more egalitarian. He is well known for being one of the leaders of the abolitionist movement, with an essential role in the drafting of the Lei Áurea, but, in my opinion, he was also very decisive for Brazil in the field of education.

He defended free public education, which he considered the main instrument for the country's development. He also created the Ministry of Education, secularized education, imposed mandatory primary education, created normal schools for teacher training, among other initiatives.

In this extensive letter, written from the Escola Polytechnica de São Paulo, with the court's stamp, Barbosa appears to report that he underwent surgery and mentions a medical treatment and a therapeutic formula, but it was not possible to understand the context.

The recipient is Antonio de Araujo Ferreira Jacobina (1829-1896), also an intellectual and cousin of Barbosa, another educator who created an innovative method of teaching reading.

This extensive letter dates back to 1883, a very intense period for Ruy Barbosa, who was committed to reforming education, the debate on the abolition of slavery, among other issues. I also liked his name printed and his signature below the second page.

Bahian Ruy Barbosa is among Brazil's greatest personalities and continues, a hundred years after his death, to influence the country's legal and political thought. His thoughts remain relevant to the current moment in Brazil, a country that needs to learn to be committed to fundamental rights, the functioning of the Republic and the autonomy of its powers and democratic institutions.

Letters from Barbosa appear very rarely on the market, almost all of them are preserved by the Casa de Ruy Barbosa Foundation.

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